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Supplementary Tables 1-5 ( Excel file; please click here)


Table I. Background characteristics of asthmatics and normal control subjects (Worksheet 1).

Table II. The complete data of cord blood-derived MC transcripts treated with dexamethasone and anti-IgE (GeneChip U95A array; Worksheet 2). @

Table III. The complete list of anti-IgE-up-regulated, glucocorticoid-down- regulated, MC- specific transcripts (Worksheet 3).

Table IV. The complete list of anti-IgE-insensitive, glucocorticoid-down-regulated MC-specific transcripts (Worksheet 4). @

Table V. The complete list of anti-IgE, glucocorticoid-insensitive MC-specific transcripts (Worksheet 5).



Cord blood-derived MCs were treated with glucocorticoid (dexamethasone at 10-6M) or the control medium for 24 hr prior to anti-IgE challenge and then incubated for 6 hr (cf. Materials and Methods).


1. Abbreviations used in these tables. MC1(2)c=untreated control MCs used in experiment 1(2), MC1(2)a=Anti-IgE-stimulated MCs used in experiment 1(2), MC1(2)d=MCs treated with anti-IgE and GC (dexamethasone) used in the experiment 1 (2).

2.  For the values of eosinophils (Eo), mononuclear peripheral blood cells (MNC) and neutrophils (Ne), the average value of the 3 independent experiments were shown.


3. Each AD (average difference) value was displayed as the percentage of the average value of 3 GAPDH transcripts and 3 beta-actin transcripts with the presence (P), absence (A), or marginal (M) call at the right hand column.